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Bible Classes for ALL ages

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Sunday Morning Adult  

(June 4 - August 27, 10:30-11:15 am)

The Book of Daniel: Teacher: Dan Chambers | Where: Auditorium
The Book of Daniel has an important message for the Church today as we live and serve in increasingly dark times. As we journey through this great book, we'll be in awe of God's sovereignty and emboldened to keep serving Him faithfully no matter what.

Gospel of John: Teacher:  Darrell McGregor | Where: Room 207 (Barn Door Room)
A study and discussion of the Gospel of John. The class continues from the prior quarter and is an opportunity to dig deeper into this book to perhaps uncover understandings that are usually not encountered in a study of this book. Come learn, discuss and dig deeper into this book.

The Life of David:
Teacher: Ken Reed | Where: Room 210
A study of David's life through his victories and struggles which shaped his faith and writings. Each week, we will discover truths gleaned from David's life as a shepherd, king, murderer, poet, outlaw and a man who deeply loved and served God.

Right Side Up Living in an Upside Down World: 
Teacher: Ryan Daniel | Where: Room 211
When Paul and Silas taught the gospel, they were accused of having "turned the world upside down." In reality, sin has turned our world upside down, and the gospel can turn in right-side up again. We will discuss how God has it right, and the world is subverting the message.

Young Professionals: Living a Life that Matters: Teacher: Cody Peery & Daniel McRady | Where: Room 212
We are all called as Christians to minister whether in a paid role or just as a member.
Sometimes we are at a disadvantage when it comes to ministering because we don't have training in ministry. As members, how do we make sure we can minister effectively? This quarter we will dive into keys to effective ministry to help each of us do the best we can.

College Class: Being Christian in Today's Workforce:
Teachers: Brett Pharr | Where: Room 300
A study of Christian Principles that help our career, as well as unique challenges Christians face in the workplace.

Special Needs Class:Teachers: Various | Where: Room 200
Contacts: Jessica Haedge
This class is provided for students with specific and special needs and includes a rotation of qualified teachers providing professionally-designed Biblical curriculum.

Wednesday Night Adult

(June 7 - July 19, 7:00-8:00 pm), (Summer Series, August 2-30)

What is Evangelism?: Teacher: David Harper, Ron George | Where: Auditorium
How do I define evangelism in my life as a believer, follower, or disciple of Jesus? What place, if any, does it have in my daily life?

Walking Away from Idolatry:  Teacher: Various | Where: Room 210 and 211
A study of potential idols and how we can leave them behind as we put Christ above all.

Date Men (Rm 210), Women (Rm 211)  Topic
June 7  Eric Marvin, Anita BeliharThe problem of Idolatry
June 14  Kipp Turner, Autumn ScottThe Idol of Politics
June 21  Chris Rhodes, Bailie WhiteThe Idol of Work
June 28   John Rochford, Kristen VaughnThe Idol of Materialism
July 5   Tim Bankhead, Christy StaggsThe Idol of Knowledge
[July 9-12   Vacation Bible School Adult Classes]
July 19   Dennis Mankin, Hayley McRady  The Idol of Health

Young Professionals: 1 Peter (Continued from Spring):
Teachers: Dan Chambers | Where: Room 212
We will learn how to apply Peter's example of living with boldness because of hope.

College Class: Peter - A Life Lived in Reflection of Jesus: 
Teacher: Hayden Proffitt | Where: Room 300
We will study the life of Peter to worship God with voice and heart.

Singing Class – Teachers: Various Song Leaders | Where: Fellowship C
Organizer: Dewight Lanham
This is an opportunity to worship God with voice & heart.

Summer Series: Wednesdays in August
Living for Christ in a World That Doesn't
August 2Andy Connelly, Crieve Hall CoCThe Problem of Evil
August 9Hiram Kemp, Lehman Ave. CoCWorry and Anxiety
August 16Chris McCurley, Walnut St. CoCRelating to Government
August 23Andrew Phillips, Graymere CoCRetaliation
August 30Wesley Walker, Woodson Chapel CoCOur True Hope

Please note that on Wednesday, July 26, classes will NOT meet at the Concord Road building to encourage everyone to attend the Connect Conference at Crieve Hall Church of Christ.

Enjoy Complementary Coffee and other hot beverages are available in the education wing between Sunday morning worship service and the start of Bible class.

Sunday Morning Youth  

(June 4-August 27, 10:30-11:15 am)

Nursery-(0-12 months)Autumn Scott, Molly Rawlins  205
1 Year OldsBerenda Vance, Youth Group  Girls  206
2 Year OldsSandra Collins, Erin Craig  119
3 Year OldsBob & Mary Lee, Rachel Hix  118
4 Year OldsLeslie Ann Westmoreland, April Beck    117
K—Pre-FirstHayley McRady, Natalie Hoyt  116
1st GradeKim Barnes, Emily Gray  110
2nd GradeJanet Taylor, Lindsay Holt   111
3rd GradeJulie Spencer, Elizabeth Pergande  112
4th GradeShannon Vawter,  Jeannine Vawter    113

Jr. Youth Group: (5th & 6th Grades): Apologetics Press Curriculum 
Teacher: Dwayne & Leanne Stubblefield | Where:  Room 304

Middle School: (7th & 8th Grades): Answers Bible Curriculum 
Teacher: Sam Brinson, Keith Welch | Where: Middle School Room

High School: (9th—12th Grades): Life Lessons with Jesus: A Study of the Parables 
Teacher: Luke Wamble, Chad Stephens | Where: High School Room

Wednesday Night Youth

(June 7-July 19,  7:00-8:00 pm), (Summer Series, August 2-30)

Nursery-(0-12 months)Ginny Bendure, Mandi Neal    205
1 Year OldsJulie & Reagan Spencer   206
2 Year OldsAndrea Hoffman, Alison Grisso     119
3 Year OldsSheila Arnold, Mercedes Bruce    118
4 Year OldsAmy Everson, Katie Deck       117
K—Pre-FirstChris & Kimberly Brady    116
1st GradePaula Priester, Claire Livingston    110
2nd GradeGina Rose, Leeann Neel    111
3rd GradeBecky Austin, Kelly Alsup  112
4th GradeMichael & Sonya Hastings    113

Jr. Youth Group: (5th & 6th Grades): Apologetics Press Curriculum
Teacher: Colin Stubblefield, Josh Deck | Where: Room 304

Middle School: (7th & 8th Grades): Old Testament Practical Overview
Teacher: Cody Peery | Where: Middle School Room

High School: (9th—12th Grades): Journaling Matthew (Part 2)
Teacher: Luke Wamble, Ryan Staggs, Brent Graham | Where: High School Room

Please note that on Wednesday, July 26, classes will NOT meet at the Concord Road building to encourage everyone to attend the Connect Conference at Crieve Hall Church of Christ.