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A  Message  From  Our  Shepherds

As the Shepherds of this church we are determined to see what is fed to the body here is scripturally correct whether taught from the pulpit, in the classroom, or in any other teaching opportunity. The message will include the whole counsel of God. Our sole authority for all that is taught is God’s inspired Word.

We are committed to the one church that Christ established, the autonomy of the local congregation, and to the New Testament pattern of worship. Each first day of the week when the church assembles to observe the Lord’s supper, we share in a-cappella singing, reading from scripture, liberal giving, prayer, and hearing a message preached. All of this is aimed at humbling ourselves before God in remembrance and worship, for the building up of the family of believers, and for the conviction of those not yet “in Christ.”
We invite you to visit the assemblies and classes here and see for yourself the sincere friendliness, warm fellowship, and the abiding unity of devotion to the truth of scripture. You will find the Concord Road family to be extremely welcoming and a true family of God in Christ devoted to diligently seeking His will and committed to pleasing Him in all aspects. Come and see for yourselves! You won’t be disappointed!