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Let's Be Scary Christian!

Let's Be Scary Christian!
by Dan Chambers

A couple of days ago I read a scathing article about a brand spanking new, first-term U.S. congressman from North Carolina. He’s only twenty-five years old, which gives him the distinction of being the youngest person ever elected to congress. Anyway, the news about this young political upstart sent chills down my spine. I mean, what I read was downright frightening. In fact, after reading the article, this is the thought that raced through my mind: “With men like this in the leadership of our nation, we are surely doomed. How could something like this have happened? How could someone like this have gotten elected in the United States of America?”  

What frightening thing did this article reveal about this junior lawmaker that shook me to the very foundation of my being? Well, it wasn’t the charge that he was an admirer of Adolf Hitler. Yep, the article started with that charge; but since that’s how most political-assassination-opinion-pieces begin these days, I just rolled my eyes and took that with a grain of salt.

Then, of course, came the inevitable (and unsubstantiated) charges of “overt racism” and accusations of “aggressive sexual behavior.” I’ve gotta admit that those things didn’t bother me either. After all, in American politics these days, those are probably the two most common labels that you slap on your political opponents in an effort to discredit and destroy them. Just scream at the top of your lungs, “He’s (or she’s) a racist!” or “He’s (or she’s) a sexual predator!” You don’t even need any real evidence; just a simple, loud, and repeated accusation will often do nicely. But, since I’ve grown accustomed to all the political theatre in America, I just yawned at those charges too.

The charge against this young man that made my blood run cold was the charge that was stated in the headline. It was the one main charge that this article was written to expose and warn America about. And I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was absolutely true. Are you ready to read the headline for yourself? I hope your heart can take it. Are you sitting down? Here it is: “THE ‘CRY MORE, LIB’ CONGRESSMAN ALSO WANTS TO CONVERT JEWS & MUSLIMS TO CHRISTIANITY.”

Wow! See what I mean? The horror of it all! Can you believe it: he wants to convert unbelievers to Jesus! This junior congressman’s name, in case you’re wondering, is Madison Cawthorn.

Just listen to some of the damning evidence about Cawthorn that was shared in the article. In a recent interview with one magazine, he apparently made it clear that he was “aiming to convert as many ‘non-believers’ as possible to a singular view of organized religion.” Cawthorn even “admitted on record that he has read the Torah and Quran . . . so that he would be better equipped to speak to a practicing Muslim” who might express an interest in Christianity. And then, get this, he actually said, “If you’re not wanting to lead somebody to Christ, then you’re probably not a real Christian.”

There you go. Madison Cawthorn is a scary, scary man, right?

I don’t have to tell you that my words were dripping with sarcasm as I wrote this article. But who knew the time would come when serious followers of Jesus would be publicly maligned as scary extremists? Well, that’s where we’re at these days.

As I thought about this a little more, though, it made sense. Committed followers of Jesus are scary . . . to Satan. After all, real, authentic followers of Christ pose the only threat to Satan’s control over humanity. People who openly share the message that “Jesus is the only way to be saved” are terrifying to Satan because that message threatens his agenda of taking as many people to hell as possible. Now he’s working overtime in new ways to silence them.

I’m glad Madison Cawthorn refuses to be silent about Jesus. I hope Washington and political power won’t distract him or change him. I hope he continues to scare Satan’s supporters with the message that Jesus saves. And I hope the same for you and me. Let’s be scary to Satan by refusing to be silent about Jesus! Frankly, it’s past time to be scary. And, I might add, if we’re not scary to Satan, we’re probably not a real Christian.