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Obey God

Obedience is simple…but we complicate it

Jesus said you can’t serve two masters (Matt 6:24), but it doesn’t stop many from trying. In the book of Joshua we see an example of just that, and hopefully it teaches us a lesson we can learn. It was no secret, Glory had been given to God, Joshua’s success came because he loved the Lord and obeyed His Word (1:7-8). In battle, Israel had been diligent in obeying their commander Joshua, and now he was concerned about their spiritual walk. He knew going forward they had to worship and obey the Lord their God. In Matt.22:36-38 Jesus tells us that to love the Lord your God is the greatest commandment. Well what if I love God…but I just don’t want to obey Him?…Jesus answers…”If you love Me, keep My commandments” (John 14:15)

The bible is not a book of commands or a list of thou shalt and thou shalt nots. Just like the Isralites, if we think that we will soon forget, give up, or outright reject God’s Word. The bible is our opportunity to know God and learn to love Him because He, the Creator of the universe loves us…loves ME…and once I truly understand that…like Joshua I want to live for Him!

Think on this => If you don’t obey God you DO NOT love Him…I’m not saying it, Christ did. 

The motive for our obedience has to be love for the Lord our God. If we love Him, then we will delight in walking in all His ways and obeying all His commandments.

So what about that story from Joshua? Well two and a half tribes asked Moses to stay on the east side of the Jordan, but had agreed to fight with the rest of the Isralites till the land of Canaan was conquered. Although Moses agreed, and Joshua honored that agreement…they were choosing material over spiritual. Good cattle grazing (wealth) over being with God’s people and accepting the gift He had given them (the Promise Land). This created tension and separation between them and those who followed God. They thought they could serve both material & spiritual, but as we find out, it wasn’t the case. The Isralites (man) might have accepted their decision, it made sense using earthly wisdom…but it doesn’t mean God was pleased. Surrounded by heathen nations and separated from their Isralite brethren, these tribes quickly fell into idolatry and were taken by Assyria (1 Chron 5:25-26). You can’t serve two masters.

As Eli Myers said the other night, it is important where you plant your tree and who you surround yourself with. As Tucker O’Dell said, it is important that you form good habits. Spiritual habits that bring you closer to God and help you set your mind on things above. That is always my prayer for you, #GloryToGod.