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By Connor McDaniel
What do you think of coincidences? Have you ever sat back and thought about the chances of any given thing happening? According to the internet, the wonderful source of knowledge and  unhindered truth, the chances of you existing to begin with 10^2,685,000. That number is a 10 followed by almost 2.7 million zeros. That number comes from adding the chance of your family lineage remaining unbroken, the chances of your parents meeting, the chances of your parents deciding to have a child when they did, and all of the DNA coming together at just the right moment to make you.

If you’ve never asked your parents about how they met and why they were in the place they did meet, listen to the story. For my parents, it was about 7 years of, as my dad puts it, “the grace of God and kindness of strangers” that led them there. So, what does all this mean? What do we do with the fact that even just being here on Earth we’ve beaten the odds?

I think it means that God has a good reason for it. There’s so many times in the Bible where God tells us He cares for us and has plans for us. Now, we do have the option to live as we want to. But as I look back on all of the things that had to fall perfectly into place for me to end up where I am, I can’t help but believe that God has been guiding me the whole way through and that when a lot of other things could have happened, God still made me and you happen. The only question now is what will you do with it?