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There is always Room...for One More

The theme for Evangelism University this year was “Plus One”. The question discussed, pondered, and provoked all weekend was, who will be your plus one pertaining to the Kingdom of God. We were challenged to think whether we were okay with friends going to hell. That sounds bold, but it is a reality that we too often push aside. Are we simply making sure we focus on heaven while becoming “comfortable” with the idea of friends and family not joining us?

Oftentimes we rationalize and compartmentalize our lack of sharing the gospel, the GOOD NEWS, because it is overwhelming. There are so many people who are lost, so many who do not truly understand or even know that there is a God who wants to offer them mercy & grace. A God who wants to be their father and give them an eternal life of joy if they would obediently follow Him as the authority in their lives. There are just so many…where do we even start?

We start with just one! Big things start with little things and we need to start trading the what if’s…for the even if’s. What if they say no, what if they get mad, what if they ghost me. When we love someone and we realize their soul is at stake we say…even if they say no…I’ll keep asking! Even if they get mad…I’ll show them God’s love! Even if they ghost me…I’ll never stop loving and praying for them.

Are you carrying your friends to Jesus? Don’t overcomplicate it, don’t get overwhelmed. Start with just one, pray, ask, pray, and repeat. Focus on who will be your plus one this year…and purposefully plan to share God’s love and salvation with them.

There’s always room…for ONE MORE, who is it going to be! #GloryToGod