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Questions Christians Hope no one will Ask #8

  1. “How can I trust in Christianity when so many Christians are hypocrites?” 
“And why are Christians so judgemental toward everyone who doesn’t agree with them?”

When people express anger at hypocrisy, they are in good company. Jesus, himself, directed some of his harshest messages towards the Pharisees who were often living, breathing, walking, examples of hypocrisy. The problem with hypocrisy is not with God, it’s with people. So I’ll answer this one simple and short…

Don’t let anyone get between you
and your relationship with God!

No one is perfect save Christ so in some way, the argument could be made (especially by one wanting to justify unbelief), we are all hypocrites. In fact I believe Satan uses our brokenness very effectively to keep us from speaking out…even when in humbleness & love we should. However, the simple answer is that stated above. We are all broken, we all fail, remember that throughout your life and don’t allow someone else’s failure to get in between you and your relationship with God. At the same time, diligently pursue Christ in a way that minimizes the chances of your failure being a stumbling block to others.


You don’t answer for other Christians, you answer for yourself, and if you are having this conversation with someone…they answer for themselves based on God’s Word & His Creation. Be an example of a believer who strives and pursues truth while acknowledging the fact that you struggle and are imperfect. Avoid deceiving yourself and refusing to acknowledge you struggle and fail…BUT don’t let those failures keep you from showing others the truth.

When it comes to the judgmental part of the conversation, be careful not to get caught up in winning an argument, but always direct toward God’s word. If others reject the truth of Christ, that’s on them. Your job is to spread the seed and reflect the light.

Remember the more we study & discuss, the better chance we have of fulfilling the instruction of 1 Peter 3:15 “Always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, but with gentleness and respect”. #GloryToGod