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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

That phrase that I’ve noted as the title of this Youth Corner, has been and will be, uttered countless times this time of year in some form or fashion. As Dan has mentioned from the pulpit several times, today is not a holy day given to us by God, but it is an opportunity when almost everyone in this world is thinking about Jesus Christ. Sure, many do not believe, even more do not choose to follow, but this time of year most cannot help but to think about this claim that God sent His Son into the world. The thought becomes so common that it is easy to gloss over, even become numb to, the complete awesomeness that the Eternal all powerful Creator of the universe sent His son to earth. In fact, so common that this time of year people water down, twist, confuse, even commercialize the birth of Jesus, but the fact is…they are thinking about Christ.

The opportunity for us with friends and family, is to ask questions…scatter seed if you will. If you can agree with someone that Jesus was historically born, (trying not to get on our high horse and being sure to implicate this date is factually incorrect - I have made this mistake in the past, which does nothing to get someone to listen to the Gospel message) then ask them the question why? If they do not believe Jesus is the Christ, God’s son, then their answer will reveal that…and you know where to start. For instance, why do so many celebrate His birth? Well, they might say, He was a good man, a good teacher…hmmm, to paraphrase C.S. Lewis, how can a good teacher be a liar. Just be ready with a few questions. Sometimes the greatest impact we can have is causing someone else to think…or rethink as they answer questions in their own head.

If they do believe that Jesus was the Son of God, they may quote John 3:16 or something similar, and likewise you now have a starting point. If Jesus Christ is King, the Son of God, what does that mean in our lives. Again asking the questions, getting people to think. Let me ask this, have you thought about it yourself? 

We are not perfect, we fail, but have we given in and given up to the pressures of this world, or are we striving to be obedient to the King. Picking ourselves up when we fall and relying on our fellow brothers and sisters to strengthen and encourage us as a community of believers. His church, His bride, worshiping Him and striving to live our lives as He commands. Let me sum it up, it is amazing to acknowledge that Christ was born as a baby…but what gives us a Happy New Year is acknowledging that Christ, the Son of God, has risen as Lord! Have you? #GloryToGod