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Thou shall not...

Thou shall not...
How we approach the word of God matters. Just like your parents, God doesn’t tell us all the things we can’t do or all the things He doesn’t want. Actually, NOBODY communicates that way, why would we expect God to? 
When your teacher assigns a paper on Victorian Era Architecture, do you turn in a paper on Frank Lloyd Wright? Try telling the teacher “Well after all his floorplans are more open and I thought you might find it more appealing. You really should accept whatever I turn in as long as my intentions are good” ??? Say What? 
When you sit down to order a meal, do you tell the waiter everything not to bring you or do you tell them what you want? If you ordered steak and they brought you a vegetarian salad and said, “well serving up salad makes me feel more engaged in your health & wellness. As long as it makes me feel good, you should accept whatever I offer you” ??? Huh?
We are told that scripture is inspired by God & will equip us for every good work. (2 Tim 3:16-17) God tells us everything we need to know in scripture (2 Peter 1:3) so the better question to ask is...
How does God want to be worshipped?
If we believe scripture is inspired by God, then in order to answer the question above we need to study and find the answers in God’s word. Not in popular culture, human logic, or loophole christianity.
Think on this quote...
“If God’s people don’t rely on God’s word as their source of information & direction they are doomed to fall away from His will.” ~ Dr. Devin Swindle

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