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Families and Faith

Families and Faith: 
Building Respectful and Loving Intergenerational Relationships

Have you noticed that two people often want the same thing but do not always agree on how to get it? A couple wants to go on a vacation. One wants the beach and the other wants the mountains. They agree on a vacation but disagree on the best way to enjoy it. Parents and their children typically want the same thing – a respectful and loving relationship, but they often disagree on how to get it.

Tension between generations is not new. Every generation has to come to grips with the values that are being passed on. Some are accepted and some not. Parents and children may feel a sense of rejection when values are different. This tension is more pronounced when parents and their children disagree about matters of faith and practice. Disagreement about the sacred drives a wedge between parents and children who want to have a relationship of mutual love and respect.

September 16 and 17, 2022, we will examine the generational differences and identify ways to build mutually respectful relationships.

Friday night: What Can We Agree On?
This presentation will focus on generational differences and the spiritual outcomes associated with those differences. We will look at Isaiah 1 and how God views his role as a parent.
Breakout Time
Friday night: Strong Families
Focusing on the work of Nick Stinnett, we will look at the 6 main attributes of strong families. Additionally, John Gottman’s work will provide insight of the elements that drive families apart (Matthew 20:20-28).

Saturday morning: Parenting with a Purpose
We will spend our time understanding what kind of parenting style works and we will be reminded that God has a parenting style as well (Exodus 34).
Breakout Time
Saturday morning: Love Is a Verb
Practical suggestions about family and for the congregation supporting families (Proverbs).